Vermonter Stitches Face Coverings “Extraordinaire” for COVID-19 Prevention


Face Covering Designed and Manufactured by Kind Design, Boulder, Colorado.  They Are Light in Weight and the Elastic Wraps Around the Head for a Very Comfortable Fit.

Brendan,  of Portland, Wears a Face Covering, he Purchased on-line from Kind Design, Boulder, Colorado.

“We sold out of ski masks back in March,” said Damon Redd, founder of Kind Design, a clothing and design company, who was referring to the high demand for face coverings following the outbreak of the COVID-19 across the nation during the past few months.

Filling a backlog of 5,000 masks   was a challenge that Redd, 37, eagerly took on as he temporarily put aside his ski mask and clothing business to meet the demand for face coverings that swamped him from already well-established customers Redd told in a telephone conversation earlier this week from his Boulder, Colorado office.

Redd’s face coverings are composed of 86% recycled plastic bottles and 14% spandex.  A former mill near Boulder recycles the plastic bottles into fabric Redd uses in the coverings.  Sustainability matters to him.  It’s important to him.

Face coverings are difficult – almost impossible – to find hereabouts..  Drug stores in Portland get a shipment of them in one day, but they are sold out within minutes of their display on shelves of those stores.

Creative home stitched face coverings have popped up recently – probably due in part  to Governor Janet T. Mills’ urging that Mainers wear them in places where social distancing is not possible.  Sometimes the home stitched coverings remain works-in-progress. .  Face coverings can be hard to breathe through because of the heavy material used.  For others, hooking the elastic over the ears is not a comfortable option.  And, now, it appears that face coverings are about to become a part of our wardrobes for the foreseeable future.  The demand for them is expected to rise dramatically. Redd stands ready to fill those orders with a product well tested already.

A former member of the ski patrol and an instructor in Vail, Colorado as well as a raft guide during the summer, Redd is environmentally conscious. It also matters to his young family; Kristen and their three young children. Redd is from Manchester, Vermont where skiing in the nearby slopes of Stratton and elsewhere became a passion of his.  A college psychology major, he decided not to pursue his interest in the functioning of the brain, but to follow his passion for the outdoors. Eventually his love of skiing lured him to Vail where he met his future wife.  They have three young children.

The face coverings are available in three colors:  black, green and blue.  The cost of one is $22.00, a three pack is $56.00 and a six pack, $112.00.

“We certainly have no idea how long this demand will continue.  But we are here for the duration.  And when it’s time to return to ski mask producing, that’s what we will do” said Redd in our telephone conversation on Tuesday morning from his office in Boulder, Colorado.

Remember:  Father’s Day is not far away!

Please visit Kind for more information.  Email bazc@kinddesigncom or call (303) 284-9345.