Sweep at Harbor View Memorial Park Gets ‘Rainy Day’ Delay


A Rainy Day at Harbor View Memorial Park Caused a Delay in the Sweep of the Huge Encampment Today – Close to the Casco Bay Bridge.

Sweeps Kill According to Medical Evidence Provided in Previous Posts Herein.

“after discussing the rain/weather with staff this morning, we have decided to postpone the resolution (in order to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved including staff).  The new resolution date (based on the weather and the upcoming holiday) looks to be (most likely) 1/2, ” according to Jessica Grondin, city spokeswoman, earlier today.

Grondin’s brief comment did not include who the participants were at this mornng’s meeting or any other pertinent infomration.  Grondin is a woman of few words!

Today’s delay was the second delay this month.  On December 21, 2023 the Portland City Council voted 7 – 2 to delay the sweep until today, Thursday, December 28th.  Bulldog Dion, Mayor of Portland and Councilor Regina Phillips were the two who did not support the delay at that December 21 vote.

That delay gave Preble Street outreach workers more time to persuade some members of the encampment to seek shelter inside the Homeless Shelter Center.

For more background information, please visit post herein dated December 21, 2023.