East End Beach Site Of One Of The City’s Two Public Tax Day Rallies


By Carol McCracken

“No More Bailouts” – “Social Programs Are Not A Career Choice” – “It‘s The Spending Stupid” -“Fascism Is Here” – were some of the signs visible this afternoon at the East End Beach where about 100 people gathered to celebrate the Tax Day Rally. Later in the Day, there was another much larger rally held on the Maine State Pier at the bottom of the Hill. There were reports of rallies sponsored by companies in private tax parties in local restaurants.

While the Rally was billed as non-partisan there were plenty of partisans present at the East End Beach. Randy Dominick, a history teacher living in Falmouth addressed the enthusiastic crowd saying: “We need to limit payouts to people like illegal immigrants. The concept that there are some jobs that are beneath Americans bothers me.”

Laurie Brown, also of Falmouth, was the organizer of the event at the East End Beach. She said the government needs to “stop spending our money, our children’s money and our grandchildren’s money.” She said, “I read the stimulus bill and 99% of it should be left out. It’s all about pork and personal agendas.”

Behind the catchy signs, colorful windbreakers and sun glasses there were plenty of partisans angered by President Obama’s policies – both domestically and overseas. One self-identified conservative from Lincoln County said: “This is a good forum to let the government know we are dissatisfied. The govenment is too big.” When MHN asked where budget cuts should be made, he replied: “I don’t think that the average Joe should be expected to make those kinds of choices. It’s too deep for him.”

Not everyone in the crowd agreed with the Rally. “I don’t know what to think of this,” Kathleen Iselin, also of Falmouth said. “I don’t like to get out here and demonstrate like this. I’d take a different route.”