Earendil Wins New York to Portland Leg of Atlantic Cup


A Photograph of Portland Based “Amhas” Left and Boston-based Toothface  That is Mounted at Maine Yacht Center, Home Marina for Amhas.

Earendil, skippered by a French/Italian team, has won Leg Two of the Atlantic Cup, a 300-nautical mile leg from New York to Portland.  The win marks back-to-back offshore wins for the team according to Colin Bradley, spokesperson for the Atlantic Cup.  The third and final leg will be sailed on June 9th and June 10th in Casco Bay, Maine.

Racing continues for the rest of the nine member fleet – expected arrival is mid-day through Tuesday evening.   They will be docked at Maine Wharf, 68 Commercial Street, Portland for the duration.

This race began in Charleston, South Carolina several weeks ago.  Originally, there were eleven (11) in the race.  But two members of the fleet retired in the Newport, Rhode Island area.  Damage to equipment because of the “horrendous, brutal and treacherous” weather conditions is attributed as the cause for their retirement from this race.

The Atlantic Cup is the longest – over 1,000 nautical miles – race in the western Atlantic Ocean.  It is designed exclusively for Class 40 yachts – a class that has won popularity overseas and is growing in popularity in the United States.

These boats are designed to fit in a box.  In other words, a boat must fit certain parameters.  However, the boats can be all different designs with different strengths and weaknesses according to race rules.  On board electricity is produced using solar or hydro power.  The boats in this race must be 40 feet in length, 14.4 ft. wide and 10 feet in depth and weigh 9,920 lbs. The Atlantic Cup is the only race around Capes Hatteras and Cod.  It is the most environmentally conscious race in the United States.

Please see previous posts herein for more background information on the Atlantic Cup.