Dozens Support Syrian Refugees on Munjoy Hill

Jonathan Moore, of Alfred, Signing the Poster to Gov LePage Supporting Syrian Refugees.

Jonathan Moore, of Alfred, Signing the Poster to Gov LePage Supporting Syrian Refugees.

Lisa Morris, a Hill Resident, Singing the Poster to LePage.

Lisa Morris, a Hill Resident, Signing the Poster to be Delivered  to  LePage.

IMG_4027 Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,479)

Despite the cold temperatures and intermittent rain on Munjoy Hill today, dozens of people showed up to sign a poster tacked to the outside of  77 Congress Street that is a letter to Governor Paul LePage informing him that many are opposed to his conviction  not to  allow Syrian refugees to come to Maine, Although it may be unconstitutional to discriminate in this manner, LePage has joined numerous other Republican Governors throughout the US dedicated to this racist policy.

Patrick Harrigan (see above left photo) and his wife drove down from New Gloucester to sign the poster  supporting Syrian refugees.  “We have to show support for refugees. We want to host a refugee family. I’m going to call Catholic Charities tomorrow and see how we go about that,” Harrigan said.  Of Governor LePage he said:  “I wish he’d grow up!  Politics is one thing, but comments like those of Trump are dangerous. There will be a price to pay for that kind of talk,” said Harrigan who said he is a FDR Democrat.

Jonathan Moore, of Alfred, signed the poster to LePage this afternoon, after which he said:  “I’m really in support of refugees.  It’s the humanitarian thing to do.  Plain and simple.”  Lisa Morris, a Hill resident was walking her rescued dog, Olive, on Congress Street signed the poster.  “Of course I agree completely with this sign.  Why wouldn’t we want to help Syrian refugees?”

“We have the feeling that we are disconnected from a lot of problems in the world.  It was an exercise in humanity,” said Dan Marks this afternoon.  His girlfriend came up with the idea and created the sign early last week.

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