Donors Roll Out BIG Check to Senator Collins Hoping to be Heard


The BIG Donor Check is Accompanied by Chris Glynn, Communications Director for 16 Counties Coalition and Patricia Washburn of Disability Voters of Maine.

Waverly Deutsch, a West End Resident, Signed the BIG Check to Senator Collins Today.

Tandem Bakery & Coffee co-owner, Wll Pratt, Today.

Daryl, 5, With Her Owner Meghan McKenzie from Manhattan,  Vacationing in Portland This Week, Attended the BIG Check Event at Tandem Coffee Shop & Bakery on Congress Street.

This morning area voters rolled out a BIG – in fact 5 ft. BIG –  check to Senator Susan Collins (R) hoping she will listen to southern Maine voters.  This would be a break in her tradition of ignoring small Maine donors in favor of really BIG donors who are bank rolling her re-election campaign next  year..

Collins who is up for re-election next year only visits Portland when she knows she is sheltered from her constituents’ questions for which there are no rationale answers. After all, there is nothing rationale about the Trumpster and his policies; children in cages?

Collins has appeared in a safe studio at NPR radio recently and  a safe hotel in the Old Port – and at no rallies at city hall or at the Portland Public Library where she would be vulnerable to questions from voters.  She has appeared no where that she can be asked about her ascine decision to support Brett  Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court when he is known to be anti-abortion and chipping away at Rowe vs. Wade in lower court rulings.  Collins has a lot more ‘splaining’ to do to voters in the Portland area – such as what is her justification for voting for the Trumpsters’ tax plan?  In other words, if she rattles the Trumpsters too much, she loses her source of easy money.

Waverly Deutsch, who lectures at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and lives in Portland when she isn’t, said she came to the event to sign the BIG check. because she believes the Trump agenda is extremely bad for Maine and the world.  (See above left photo).

Meghan McKenzie, said this morning:  “I don’t understand why Collins trusts “Moscow” Mitch McConnell (R-KY).  Collins voted for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and “that’s enough to vote against her.”  (See left photo).

Unlike revered predecessors of hers such as Edmund Muskie (D) and Margaret Chase Smith (R), Collins’ legacy will be as someone who succumbed to the wiles of the Trumpsters with the hope of winning re-election.  Her declining approval poll numbers bear out that legacy.

Will Pratt, who with his wife, Kathleen, own Tandem Bakery & Coffee on Congress Street said today:  “It is time to move on from Susan Collins.”  The popular Bakery on Congress Street is where the event was held today.

The event was organized by the 16 Counties Coalition, Willie Ritch, Executive Director.

Meanwhile, the “Portland Press Herald,” Collins’ local press agent, continues to put the best possible spin on Collins’ record – because she can’t.  After all, the only Senator less popular than Collins is “Moscow” Mitch McConnell (R-KY) – that’s pretty unpopular and nothing for Mainers to be proud of – even the spineless “Portland Press Herald.”

Please visit post dated August 20, 2019 herein when area voters ask an empty chair, to have been occupied by Senator Collins, numerous questions.  The event took place at the Portland Public Library.  If you are new to this blog, please click on Moral Movement Maine for more information on Senator Collins’ long-time effort to avoid her constituents in southern Maine.