Synthetic Deer Struggling with Climate Change on Portland Waterfront


Two Deer on Tall Stilts Struggling With Climate Change is the Message Behind the Art Installation of Local Artist Andy Rosen.  (Photo by Joe Carter Films).

One of the Two Apoxy Deer is Almost Submerged at High Tide.

The Two Characters From “Down to the Sea” created by Anry Rosen for the Children’s Museum in its “Backyard.”

Toddler Park at the
Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine, Free Street, Portland.  Rosen Was Effective in Changing the Atmosphere of the Park. 

Two Apoxy Deer This Afternoon as the Tide Comes in; Several Hours later They Were Submerged Below the Water and Out of Sight.

Synthetic deer struggling for survival because of  rising tides is the visual message just installed by local artist Andy Rosen.  The apoxy deer are atop 8 ft. stilts that are visible at low tide.  But when the tide is high as it was early this afternoon, the two deer are submerged beneath the tidal water. The installation is located just east of Ocean Gateway – a short distance from where his wolf pack installation was three years ago.

On August 8, 2015, Rosen and a group of friends had an unveiling of the pack of seven (7) wolves.  That installation ran from August until November when the wolves were removed.  They became part of a gallery show in New York City.  They are currently located in Rosen’s studio according to Joe Carter, who is making a brief documentary of Rosen’s work.

Rosen teaches art at SMCC.  He is also in the exhibit department at the Children’s Museum & Theater, 142 Free Street.  He helps design some of the exhibits said Shana Jaques, the floor coordinator, at the Museum.  For example, Andy upgraded the Toddler Park for the Museum and worked on changing the look of the Toddler Park.

Rosen also created two characters from the popular book “Down to the Sea,” by Camden writer Chris Van Dusen’s.  The two characters are Mr. Magee and his dog.

“This makes me very uncomfortable.  It makes me nauseous, but I can’t rescue them,” said Dorothy Simms, who was visiting a friend from New York City.  The two woman stopped by to see the deer, but saw little of them as they fell victim  to the rising tide – until the next low tide, that is.

Funding for the project came from the Union of Concerned Scientists in the form of a $10,000. grant.  Please visit post herein dated August 9, 2015 for more background on the pack of wolves (not dogs) that Rosen installed on the Portland waterfront).