Darryl Brown Back to DEP Commissioner – Again?


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 795)

“The Legislature is in the process of approving a bill that amends state conflict of interest laws to mitigate the issues that led to Darryl Brown having to depart his position as DEP Commissier,” said a press release isssued from the Natural Resources Council of Maine.

As many of you will remember, back in January the new  Governor LePage nominated Darryl Brown, owner of Main-Land Consultants, Inc. to take over the helm at the State’s Department of Environment Protection.  On February 1, Brown was easily confirmed – by a vote of 29 – 6.  Leading the pushback against him was Seth A. Goodall, (D) and Senator Justin Alfond (D).  Following much pressure from environmental groups across Maine and because of a possible conflict of interest opinion put forth by the State’s AG, Brown resigned in April.  He was put in charge of the State Planning Office, an Office slated for dismantling by the LePage administration.

Speculation:  Does that mean that when the bill is passed and there are no legal obstacles to Brown’s appointment  to run the DEP,  he will be reappointed by the Governor for the position?

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