Council Votes to Extend Stay at Home Emergency Order until April 27


Portland City Hall Continues to be Shut Down.

The Portland City Council voted tonight to extend the State of Emergency and Stay at Home Order until April 27, 2020.

The emergency stay at home order continues to have measures that apply to both residents and businesses and is in response to the need to lessen the community spread of COVID-19, a global pandemic.

The Council debated five amendments related to the Emergency Stay at Home Order:

  1. Suspending evictions – passed 9 – 0,
  2. Curbside pick-up or delivery for non-essential businesses – failed to pass 2 – 7,
  3. Prohibiting Short-Term Rentals,, passed 9 – 0,
  4. Extending Sundays on the Boulevard, Failed 3 – 6,
  5. Various deadline suspensions and essential services, passed 9 – 0.

The public is encouraged to stay current on the latest information from the Maine CDC.