Construction of Condominiums at 218 Washington Avenue Begun


Grading of the steep slope at 218 Washington Avenue Began Recently.

Planned 45 Unit Condominium Underway at 218 Washington Avenue, on the East End of Portland Resemble These Renderings.

Grading a steep slope formerly covered with brush, trees, and invasive species has been underway for a few days now at 218 Washington Avenue on the east end of Portland.  Several weeks ago, the demolition of the building on the site was accomplished in about a half hour according to “Mike” who performed the work.  It took about l l/2 days to remove the debris from the demolition said on site workers.

This work makes way for a four-story 45 unit condominium that will replace the building  demolished several weeks ago described previously. Parking for 45 vehicles is under the building. The process for this high rise began in October of 2017 and final approval for the project was given by the city in October of 2020.

Making a strong political statement prior to the November 3 election was a massive pro-Trump sign on the facade of the building overlooking Portland and the waterfront.

According to the original document provided by the city’s planning office, the developer of the property, Vinny Maietta, had many challenges. An unusually large number in fact,  to overcome before approval would be granted by the city.  For example, the “existing storm drain on Anderson Street does not have the capacity to ‘accept additional flows from the proposed project.’  The developer will be responsible for all work on Anderson Street required to provide an acceptable storm water discharge system.”

There were numerous other issues that needed to be resolved before approval for this project was given by the city.