Congresswoman Pingree Concerned About Merger Between Bayer & Monsanto


Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) at Recent Rally to Rescue ACA from Republicans at City Hall.

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) has issued the following statement on President-elect Donald Trump’s meeting with representatives of Bayer and Monsanto to discuss their controversial proposed merger which is currently undergoing an anti-trust review by the Department of Justice:

“I am very concerned by the news that President-elect Trump recently met with Bayer and Monsanto regarding their planned merger, even though the Bayer-Monsanto acquisition has not yet been approved by the Department of Justice.  This is just the latest of numerous mergers that will further consolidate the agriculture industry and reduce competition.  It is troubling to me that the proposed merger will likely result in fewer choices for farmers and stifle innovation in agriculture.  The Department of Justice needs to carefully review this merger and how its anti-competitive nature would negatively affect farmers, small businesses and consumers.

I  hope that President-elect Trump will consider these detrimental side effects to rural America and rethink his support for the proposed merger,” according to a press release issued by the Senator’s office this afternoon.

Bayer, a German based health and agriculture company and Monsanto, a US based company announced merger plans to the tune of $66 billion yesterday.

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