Cohen Applies for Right to Increase Height Limits at 100 Fore Street; On PB Agenda 7/10


Jonathan Cohen, Developer of WEX Has Applied for Height Increases at 100 Fore Street.

VEGAS, a New Bar at Ten Exchange Street, in the Old Port. It’s Managed by Mark Dean and Financed by Jonathan Cohen. It used to be a Movie Theater.  Will There Be Dancing Girls Some Neighbors are Asking?

Jonathan Cohen, d/b/a 100 Fore Street LLC., has submitted a zoning map amendment application to amend the B6 Height Overlay Map for 100 Fore Street on Munjoy Hill. The proposal seeks a Map Amendment of the B6 height overlay to allow building heights of 45 ft. extension of 55 ft.  The proposed building height extension would allow 55 ft. building heights for the applicant’s portion of the building envelope exceptions.

The matter is on the planning board workshop agenda for July 10, 2018, at 5:30 pm in Room 24 of city hall.

The change would allow for a mixed-use project that includes a parking garage with approximately 600 parking spaces, retail and office spaces.  Cohen has stated that he would be willing to offer a number of parking spaces to Peaks Island residents at a reduced rate.  Cohen is the developer for the nearby WEX headquarters.  He’s also the $$ behind the new Old Port bar Vegas – a bar that Mark Dean will manage. Dean owns Mark’s Place and others in the Old Port.

Cohen and Joe Soley are business partners for the Falmouth Shopping Center on Route 1 in Falmouth.  They have described elaborate plans for the area. The two have tried to evict the popular Ocean State Job Lots from its large store in the Shopping Center.  The matter was to have gone to trial yesterday, June 29, 2018.

Please visit post herein dated June 21, 2018 for more background information.