City to Appeal Judge’s Decision in Congress Square Dispute

Danielle West-Chuta, Corporation Council for Portland

Danielle West-Chuta, Corporation Council for Portland

Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,550)

In a quick and decisive response to Superior Court Judge Joyce Wheeler’s ruling in favor of the “Friends of Congress Square Park” lawsuit against the City of Portland, Corporation Counsel for the City issued the following press release.  The press release came only several hours following the announcement of the Judge’s decision. (See previous Post herein for that information.)

“Superior Court Judge Joyce Wheeler has ruled against the City of Portland with regard to a lawsuit filed by the Friends of Congress Square.  At issue was the city of Portland’s rejection of petition efforts by the Friends of Congress Square to amend the City’s Land Bank ordinance.  City of Portland attorneys argued that the sale, acquisition and dedication of City property are administrative actions that fall within the purview of City Council and may not be the subject of citizens’ initiatives.

Danielle West-Chuhta, corporation Council for the City of Portland, has responded that while she respects the Courts decision, the City plans to appeal.  “Upon review of the decision and based upon our understanding of the case-law, our office remains convinced  the City of Portland’s position is correct. We are currently completing the required appeal documents including a request for a stay of the Judge’s decision and we plan to have our filings submitted as soon as possible.  Given the ongoing legal process and the complexities surrounding this matter it is difficult to determine the impact, if any, of this decision on the sale of Congress Square.”

City officials decline further comment on this matter due to the ongoing legal proceedings,” said a press release issued by the City just before 3: pm this afternoon.