City Seeks Public Feedback on Eastern Prom Food Truck Pilot Program


Interim City Manager Danielle West at a Recent City Council Meeting.

The city of Portland is currently reviewing feedback it has received over the course of the Eastern Promenade food truck pilot program.  As part of the evaluation, the city is seeking additional feedback from food truck vendors and the community at large through the use of two surveys.  The public survey is open from 9:30 am on Monday, October 3 through 4:30 on Friday, October 14.

Once staff has reviewed this “collective data,” they will share plans for the 2023 Eastern Prom Food Program with Council Committees and the Parks Commission.  Following those meetings, the city manager will release a final plan.

The pilot program provided 14 free spots for food truck vendors in a dedicated space adt the Cutter Street lot in an effort to balance the needs of residents, small business owners and visitors to the Eastern Promenade.  Being the stewart of ths incredible public asset, the city is commmidtted to ensuring it is available for use by a wide variety of constituencies while also limiting any negative impacts to the park.   During the pilot program, the city waived any permitting fees.  The pilot program ends on November 15, 2022.

For those without access to a computer, Jessica Grondin, city spokeswoman, has finally responded:  There are no paper surveys.  If you want to give your feedback on the Food Truck chaos caused by the inept Interim City Manager West, you may email her at:  However, there are no guarantees that this process that lacks transparency, will consider your feedback.

For more information please contact:   Or call, 207 272-7885 for more information on the surveys.  Please respond to Ms. Grondin directly since she has not responded to my inquiries on the above subject.

For more background information on the subject, please visit posts herein dated September 21, 2022:  “Food Truck Operators Ask City for Agenda Time:  Get Questionable Survey Instead” and a post herein dated September 3, 2022 on “Discontent Rules at Food Truck Park at Cutter Street”