City Looses (Again!) Case Filed Against It In “Panhandler” Ordinance Lawsuit

Corporate Counsel Danelle West-Chuta:  The City Has Not Decided Whether or Not to Appeal the Case.

Corporate Counsel Danelle West-Chuta: The City Has Not Decided Whether or Not to Appeal the Case.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,711)

The City of Portland has received the Federal Court decision that declares the City’s median ordinance unconstitutional.  City attorney Danelle West-Chuta has stated the following:  “While we respect the Court’s decision, we are of course very disappointed.  I am not able to respond in detail at this time as we have not had an opportunity to fully review the Judge’s ruling and are still in the process of determining the next steps including whether or not to appeal the decision.

Pursuant to a prior agreement with the Court, the city of Portland Police Department had already suspended enforcement of the ordinance pending the Court’s decision.  Per the Judge’s order, the suspended enforcement will remain an effect.

“Safety has always been our primary concern,” said Police Chief Michael Sauschuck.  “Although we were hoping for a different outcome, we will certainly abide by the Judge’s decision.”

The City of Portland has no further comment at this time.