City Issues Public Health Alert on Pain Pills Possibly Laced With Fentanyl


A fatal overdose that may be connected to counterfeit pain pills that have been found to contain fentanyl according to a press release issued from the Portland Police Department today.  On February 28, 2021, officers responded to a call at Maine Medical Center where medical staff found an unconscious woman who was unresponsive.  She was later pronounced dead after medical staff were unable to review her.  Her cause of death is being investigated by the medical examiner.

In the past month, investigators have seen an increase in what appears to be prescription medications, but are actually counterfeit drugs containing fentanyl.  Blue pills were recently found by investigators that looks like 30 milligram Oxycodone tablets that also tested positive for fentanyl.  Health experts are concerned because those using pills typically would lnot carry an anti-opioid antidote like nalaxone (Narcan).