City Hall Now “Bugged” for Security Reasons


Certain Sections of City Hall Have Been “Bugged” for Security Reasons.

Parts of Portland City Hall are now “bugged” according to sources who work there – both employees as well as others reporting on the new development.  It was a move promised by Jon Jennings, city manager, when he first took the position several years ago.  But for some reason, probably budgetary, the matter got pushed to the back burner until now.

Employees today said they were pleased about  the change and felt much safer because of it.  “It’s long overdue,” said one city employee.

Meanwhile rumors persist that city hall is in a chaotic state.  Departments are not talking to each other, competing and overlapping meetings –  possibly because of the split between the mayor and  the city manager who are at odds over many matters.  You think the White House is in disarray?  Think locally.

City spokeswoman Jessica Grondin did not respond to emails for more information on the new bugging system.