City Committee Approves Lease Agreement With Nova Star Cruises at Ocean Gateway

Mark H. Amundsen, President and CEO of Nova Star Cruises.

Mark H. Amundsen, President and CEO of Nova Star Cruises.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,732)

A Committee of the City gave approval early this evening to the lease agreement negotiated between Gregory Mitchell, the city’s Director of Economic Development and Mark H. Amundsen, President of Nova Star Cruises.  Final consideration  will come from the City Council on April 7th; that decision is expected to clear the way for the new ferry passenger service to begin service between Portland and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia on May 1st  – its targeted date.  It’s anticipated there will be another Housing and Community Development Committee meeting before that Aprill meeting to respond to any other questions that may arise in the meantime.

The ferry will leave Singapore where it is being constructed and head for the northeast through the Suez Canal.  Testing will be done of the Ocean Gateway ramps Mr. Amundsen said.  It’s expected that the website will be and functional next week.  At that time tickets will be available on-line at:

The new ferry will be replacing The Cat, a high-speed ferry that ended its service in Portland in 2009.  A building to the left of the Ocean Gateway, known as the paint building, will serve as on site offices for the company.