Cianbro Worker Needs Common Sense Training for Rainy Days

A Cianbro Brothers Employee Lacking Common Sense This Afternoon, Threatening to Call the Police If I Refused to Leave the Trailer. He Refused to Give His Name or Look at the Camera.

My car broke down near 100 Fore Street this afternoon. The engine died on me and wouldn’t start. I had a two month old battery in it. That wasn’t the problem. Beyond the basic knowledge of batteries and what they look like, I was lost. So – there I was with the rain pouring down and without a cell phone in hand to call Triple A road service to tow my car to my nearby garage. This relic of a woman was stranded. There was no time to dwell on that. I walked briskly under a torrent of rain over to the huge trailer Cianbro Bros. occupies snuggled beside the other even larger building owned by Jonathan Cohen. The talk is it is to be demolished sometime to rebuild a huge parking garage for WEX employees. The giant construction company is also building the WEX headquarters owned by Cohen as well. It’s also behind the unpopular and proposed East-West Pipeline from Canada.

Are All Cianbro Workers This Callous?

Well aware that this was not a good hair day for me, I waded through a flooded parking area anyway with only sneakers on. My short, gray hair was pasted to my head from the downpour that hit my hatless hair from above. Under the circumstances, I was confident that whoever was inhabiting that warm and fuzzy building, would permit me to borrow a telephone to call Triple A road service. WRONG! SO, WRONG! SO VERY WRONG!

I pushed the door open and stepped inside. The air coming at me was warm and fuzzy. Boy Wonder, (see above photo) met me at the door. I explained to him my car situation as quickly as I could because I assumed this was a busy place with lots to do. “Our company does not allow public use of the telephones……” The rest was lost ’cause I couldn’t believe any educated person could be so callous in this situation. I got it. I added I had no nefarious intentions. There were no weapons on my person and I don’t use drugs (or sell them), and only an occasional glass of wine do I inhale. And I’m not a competitor trying to gain access to spy; okay? Do I pass muster? May I come use your telephone now?

My company does not allow public use of the telephones….you will have to leave NOW. The recorded message started up again. “We are having a meeting here in a few minutes so you will have to leave NOW. I told him to put tape over his mouth, because I didn’t want to hear it anymore. I looked at the lousy weather I’d just escaped. I’d rather stay inside and fight with him then try to make an exit with no life preserver wrapped around me for safety. (Remember Nancy Pelosi was my battle cry! ) I can’t win over Mother Nature. “I’m an old lady, almost 80 I told Boy Wonder. I could really use a moment to use the bathroom as I eyed it only ten steps from where we were arguing. He told me to go outside and wade through the flooded parking lot to some outdoor rented johns for the crews. Boy said he’d have to call the police if I didn’t leave. If I did leave, I’d be locked out I knew. Don’t give an inch to corporate America!

“Go ahead,” I shouted back at him. “Do me a favor. Call the police.” That scene would lend itself to a useful photograph for my blog that Boy did not know existed – yet. But, maybe, just maybe, some police officer would have some common sense and offer me some assistance that Boy could not muster because: “My company does not….” Maybe the police would call the GD towing company for one thing. And maybe the police would inform Boy there are rules against elder abuse. I was REALLY angry now. And scared of corporate America.

“I had a bad day,” he lamented. My day got much better when I told Boy I have a popular online news blog. He would soon see himself in a starring role in “the company from hell.” Boy’s jaw dropped to the floor so hard it may still be stuck there. Or if not, there is probably a permanent dent in the floor where it crashed.

Avoid the Almighty Cianbo Bros. on rainy days.

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  1. With all due respect, how does a Munjoy Hill resident get lost at the bottom of Munjoy Hill??

    • I’m not sure I understand your question. If you are referring to my current post, I was not lost. My car stopped and is currently in a garage being fixed. Never was lost, Mike. Thanks for the question, Carol
      Mike, just went back and read what I wrote. When I said “lost” – I meant about cars and how they work. I know a little about batteries but that’s my limit. Maybe I should change the word. Thanks again.

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