Gene Hewitt Remembered Today; Son To Run “3 G’s Auto & Tire Business


David, Barbara and Jennifer Hewitt - Family of the Late Gene Hewitt

By Carol McCracken  (Post 789)

Family and friends of  the late Gene Hewitt, 62,  gathered this afternoon  to celebrate his life and share good memories.   At his request the gathering was at the 3 G’s Tire & Auto Center, 52 Fox Street,  where the business has been located for the last 8 years.   

Hewitt who died this past Tuesday after a short battle with cancer leaves behind  him his wife of 40 years, Barbara, and two children, Jennifer and Dennis.  Barbara said Gene   loved antique cars and so starting up his own tire and repair business was a natural for him.  For many in the area, Gene was “the tire man” – 3 G’s was the best place around  to purchase good used tires at reasonable  prices. Before his started up his own business, he worked at a sawmill in Westbrook,  Saunders Brothers. Hewitt was born on September 30, 1948 and died on May 24, 2011.  

Dennis who owns the Hewitt’s Auto Center in Yarmouth will take over this business and make some physical improvenents.   He expects to keep the same employees in place that are currently there.   The name, 3 G’s Tire & Auto Center, may be changed to Hewitt’s Auto Center as well.

Many Hill residents are customers of 3 G’s Tire & Auto Center.  The phone number there is:  772-1255.