Celebrate The End Of The Journey With Bethany And Dan Cox In Key West Next Month!


Dan & Bethany Cox at the Hilltop Coffee Shop In April

By Carol McCracken (Post # 329)

Munjoy Hill is invited to celebrate the arrival of Bethany and Dan in Key West, Florida on Friday afternoon, December 11th.  It will be the final chapter of a long held goal of Dan’s to kayak from the eastern most point of the country – Lubec – to the southern most part of the Country; Key West, Florida.

This past April the attractive couple was interviewed by MHN at the Hilltop Coffee Shop just several weeks before embarking on the final leg of this journey.     They laid over on the Hill for the winter awaiting spring and an opportunity to complete the journey when the weather improved.  On Saturday, May 2, the couple left East End Beach in their separate 17 ft. kayaks for the trip of a lifetime which they are now close to completing.

This young couple is from North Carolina.  Dan was a business major in college and Bethany a wilderness leadership and education major in college.  The two hope someday to own their own business – perhaps in the Outer ‘Banks of North Carolina.

“This celebration  is a great excuse for a winter vacation,” said Bethany at the end of her email.  That is on the sandy shore of Key West, right at the southernmost point buoy.  Or at the very least congratulations for this awesome accomplishment!

Please see profile on Bethany and Dan Cox dated April 17, 2009 for more background information.