Maine CDC Director Announces New Record Breaking Numbers for COVID-19


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One hundred eight-four (184) new cases of the COVID-19 were announced by Dr. Nirav Shah, Director of the MaineCDC, today at his briefing. This marks the fourth day in a row that new records of the deadly coronavirus have been recorded in the State.  That brings the total number of cases to 7,444.

Thirty-one percent of the new cases are from Cumberland County and 16% originated in York County.

Along with the dramatic increase in the number of cases, the positivity rate in Maine has more than tripled in two weeks.  The current positivity rate is 1.73% whereas two weeks ago it was 0.54%.  Dr. Shah reported that 18% of ALL COVID-19 cases have occurred in the past two weeks.

Records of new cases of COVID-19 are being broken all over the country – not just the State of Maine.  Yesterday, the nation recorded 121,289 cases.  Dr. Michael Osterholm, of the University Minnesota, reported this afternoon on MSNBC three factors making the battle against coronavirus more difficult.  They are:  Pandemic fatigue by the public that is tired of the restrictions imposed upon it, that one-third (l/3) of the population believes it’s a hoax as Trumpy has led them to believe and, lastly,  that indoor air is a better way to transmit the virus than outdoor life.

Beginning on Monday, November 9th, MaineCDC briefings will happen on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2:00pm.  Most recently briefings were held on Tuesday and Thursdays.