Business Beat: Popular Hilltop Coffee Shop & Business Up For Sale

Hilltop Coffee Shop at 90 Congress Street For Sale

Hilltop Coffee Shop at 90 Congress Street For Sale

By Carol McCracken

A popular business on the Hill is for sale for $450,000.  The Hilltop Coffee Shop is located at 90 Congress Street and comprises the other half of the newer Rosemont Market & Bakery.  The store sells coffee, soda and some baked goods.  There are several small tables, a booth and couch near the front window which has made it a comfortable place to hang out and meet friends.

The original co-owners opened the business about 1 1/2 years ago after a major renovation of the entire buiding.  Luke MacFayden and his business partner, Jeremy House, purchased the property from artist Don Ogier.  (House is in the construction business.)  Although the property was always considered a prime location on the Hill, it was known for its undistinguished facade — a cinder-block slab with peepholes.  At the time one neighbor called it a “foundation with no first floor.”  According to Ogier, it was built in 1970 and became the Rainbow Beauty Saleon.  Ogier bought the property in 1984.  He moved to California, but later returned to the Hill.  The co-owners bought the building from Ogier in the winter of 2007.

About a month ago, employees started handing out cards advertising its availability and its attributes.  It is currently zoned for restaurant use and is to be sold “as-is” with furnishings and equipment included. Its a commercial condominium so there is a low $150/month association fee.

In an informal survey that MHN conducted earlier today, the majority of customers there hoped the Coffee Shop would remain exactly as it is with no changes at all.  However, several customers offered up some different ideas.   One man was interested in opening a tea shop with space where he could teach T’Ai Chi.  Betty T. suggested keeping it much as it is, but adding to the menu items such as hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream and make it into an affordable lunch shop.  Dennis hopes that it remains as a public space and a gathering place for the neighborhood – much as it is now.  A couple visiting from Floriday, Bart & Robyn said they thought it would make a popular pizza place.  If they didn’t already own property in Florida, they’d be interested in it.

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