Business Beat: “Plum” Opens in April; Owned by Kelly Williams, Hill Resident


Entrepreneur Kelly Williams to Open PLUM in April

By Carol McCracken (Post # l,004)

Next month “Plum”, a womens’ consignment clothing and accessories shop will open at 316A Congress Street, said Kelly Williams this morning; at the corner of Franklin Street and Congress Street. Kelly kindly took time from painting the trim on the store that she and her husband, Will, own to tell about her new business.

Kelly is a lifelong consignment store shopper and has worked in the business much of her life. Now that her daughter is older and more independent, she has more time to pursue her lifelong interest. The couple and their daughter live on the Hill as well. Will is in the property management business.

“So much good stuff is happening in this neighborhood and I want to be part of it,” said the attractive Kelly. “There are lots of changes in the area and they are bringing in lots of foot traffic.” She was referring to the anticipated changes by businessman Donald Sussman in the Hampshire Street corridor which she welcomes.

Kelly is well stocked to open her shop in April. “I have over 100 dresses for my consignment store. At least 20% of those are so new they still have price tags on them. People have given them to me to sell for them.” She will be selling J. Crew and Bannana Republic clothes as well as some high end designer dresses. Jewelry and pursues will round out her stock.

It’s such a visible spot that Kelly plans on being open six or seven days a week. If that happens, she will probably have to hire some part-time help, although those plans remain incomplete. She is considering hours of 10:00 am to 5 or 6:00 pm. At a future date, there will be a website.

Most recently, it was home to Z Fabrics who has moved into downtown Portland. There has also been a lock smith, art gallery barber shop and physician’s office.

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  1. nice and stylish – great if you are a small size( only 4 pr of shorts in large) but lots in smaller sizes… nice condition and great labels.

    Parking situation is horrible!

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