Business Beat: Hilltop Coffee Shop Sold to Local Couple; Owners of Bar Lola


Guy Hernandez, new co-owner of the Hilltop Coffee Shop

Guy Hernandez, new co-owner of the Hilltop Coffee Shop

By Carol McCracken (Post # 448)

Last week the popular Hilltop Coffee Shop on the Hill was sold. Hill residents Stella and Guy Hernandez purchased the successful business from Luke McFadyden and his business partner, Jeremy House. The couple also owns Bar Lola an upscale restaurant near the Hilltop.

Hernandez pledges not to make any immediate changes to the popular gathering spot. The sale of coffee will continue to be the priority at the shop. That’s what the community appears to want he said at an interview earlier today at the Bar Lola. One exception to that, however, is that soon patrons of the shop will have access to the internet via WI-FI. Asked if that addition would change the friendly atmosphere there, Hernandez said he wants the “culture” to remain just the same as it currently is. “It’s no different from reading a book,” he said.

Mary-Beth Mills is a part-time employee there. “This will be a very efficient takeover. I’m looking forward to the change. I like change.” Another employee, Carrie Earls, said that her former employer, Luke McFadyen, told her immediately of the change in ownership. He told us they were great people who wanted us to stay here.

Hernandez said they’ve known about the availablity of this property since last year. “We saw this as a business opportunity to grow. There’s a lot of potential here.”