Business Beat: FIGA Restaurant Gets Okay From City for Liquor License


Rose and Tim Olmsted

By Carol McCracken (Post # 346)

Last night the city council granted the owner of the long-anticipated FIGA Restaurant on Congress Street a liquor license.  All this means is that “we are closer to opening than we were before,” said Dudley Irwin, Sous Chef who lives on the Hll.  Lee Farmington, chef and owner of the Restaurant was formerly a chef at the popular UFFA! Restaurant.

All recycled wood has been used in the interior for tables.  The seating benches are pews from the former Chestnut Street Church.  The rest of the recycled wood is all from Maine buildings said Farrington.  The light fixtures are most attractive and unique.  There is seating for between 27 – 32 which includes the bar area.  All in all it looks like a very warm and charming atmosphere for what Farrington hopes will be a popular neighborhood restaurant.

“When the brown paper comes down from the windows is when we will open,” Farrington said this summer.  Until that happens, it’s possible to get a glimpse of the interior progress in between the brown paper wrapping.

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