Brady’s the Champ But Ryan Scores at Maine Mall’s Lids Franchise


Pamela McCoy, Manager of Lids, at Maine Mall, South Portland.

A Pats Cap Autographed by Tom Brady for an Extra $12.99.

Jersey’s for Sale at Lids Locker Room, Maine Mall South Portland. Cost about $150.00.

Hayden Philips, at Lids,, This Afternoon.

“Whenever the Pats are in the Super Bowl we are really busy, said Pamela McCoy, manager of Lids, at the Maine Mall this afternoon.  Customers formed a steady stream in the hats only store this afternoon – some looking for specially autographed Patriots caps and some not looking for them!

With the Patriots in their seventh Super Bowl under the leadership of quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belicheck, most Patriots fans were looking for their hats.  “I think Tom Brady is the best quarter back that ever played.  He has four Super Bowl rings and is about to win number five.” said Hayden Philips at Lids.  “I have everything of theirs.  Jerseys, hats, pants, and mugs,” he said  (See Below Right Photo.)

According to McCoy though, Lids missed a big marketing opportunity – perhaps as much as hundreds of dollars.  “Matt Ryan, the Atlanta quarterback, just bought a home in Topsham.  A lot of people have asked for Falcons caps and we didn’t have them.  We missed a big market,” she said.  “I think people just want to show support for him.” Ryan’s wife is from Lewiston and her family still lives in Maine. A recent cable tv report said that pregnant with twins, Ryan’s wife will not be able to attend the Houston game because her doctor will not okay it. She’s expecting a boy and a girl; Parker and Chase.

Earlier in the week, the assistant manager at Lids Locker  Room, a second store at the Maine Mall, sold almost 30 Brady jerseys within a 3 – 4 hour period, he said. (He’s a Green Bay fan who claimed that Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback than Brady – Really? Who Knew?) “Whenever the Patriots are in the Super Bowl our business goes up by 50%,” manager McCoy said.

“If it comes down to the game winning drive, I’ll take Tom Brady every time because he’s the greatest quarter back of all time,” said Josh Schroder.  “He’s the first quarter back ever to be in seven Super Bowls.”

Speculation turned to how long Brady, at 39 years old, will continue to play. “He wants to play for another 4 – 5  years.  I’ll say he’ll play for another 4 years.  And I take the Patriots over Atlanta by 14 points,” said Dan Normand this afternoon.  He was dressed from head to toe in Patriot’s apparel.  “I think he’ll play for only a couple more years,” said Hayden Philips, referred to above.  Speculation is all over the place, even though everyone knows he takes outstanding care of himself and wants to play as long as he can.

Lids will have Championship Caps available for sale on Monday, February 6th by 1:30 pm!  The cost will be about $36.00.

“We should make it a national hollday of mourning when Brady retires,” said McCoy.

(note: Apologies to Josh Schroder for being so slow in posting his quote!)