Booster Shots for COVID-19 Compose Majority of Shots Administered So Far


A Bandaid on the Arm of This Blogger Following the Administration of a  Booster Show  Yesterday at WalMart, Falmouth.  It Was Walk-in Service With No Wait!

Fifty-five % of the COVID-19 shots being administered statewide are booster shots said Dr. Nirav Shah, Director of the Maine CDC, at his weekly press conference this afternoon.  Dr. Shah said that over 3,900 shots have been administered as of today.

Those receiving first shots of the vaccine number 588.  Over one thousand have received a second dose.  Over 2,100 have received their booster shots according to Dr. Shah.

Yesterday this blogger was shopping at WalMart, Falmouth.  On a whim, went to the pharmacy and asked if it was giving booster shots on a walk-in basis.  “Yes,” came the response from a staff member.  “Do I need to wait long?”   There was no wait at all. After completing some basic paperwork and showing proof of previous qualifying vaccinations, Amanda appeared with needles in hand.  The painless shots (both flu and booster) were administered almost simultaneously – one in each arm.

A check with the pharmacy today at Hannaford Supermarkets, 295 Forest Avenue, verified that it has not been approved to administer booster shots yet.  The pharmacy spokesperson did not know when that approval would come.  Dr. Shah said at his press conference today that the Maine CDC is working to expand the availability of the booster shot, including commercial pharmacies.  Don’t wait – go to WalMart!

Those about to receive the booster should be forewarned that extreme tiredness may be a reaction to the booster.  This morning both arms hurt, but that is gone as of mid-afternoon.  But the severe tiredness has lingered.

Weekly press briefings by Dr. Nirav Shah, Director of the Maine CDC, can be seen every Wednesday at 2:00 pm on Maine Public Television – unless other wise indicated on its web page.