Bookstores Swamped by “Fire & Fury” Boombshell Interest


Bill Coogan, Retired USM Professor of Political Science, at Books-A-Million Today.

The New Bombshell Book by Michael Wolff, is Hard to Locate. $30.00.

Gil Doughty, a Portland Resident, at Books-A-Million This Afternoon.

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Intrigued by snippets of the Trump White  House from the bombshell book “FIre and Fury,” by Michael Wolff, phones were ringing off the hook at area book stores this morning as readers sought a copy of the tell-a-lot released four days earlier than planned by the publisher.  The early release  was prompted by the publicity generated when Twisted Trump’s personal attorney demanded that the author and publisher not publish this book or face legal consequences.

Books-A-Million at the Maine Mall ordered only a dozen copies of the book said Kevin O’Connor, a manager, early this afternoon.  The dozen arrived in a shipment of 7 thousand books early this morning so it will take hours to sort through the shipment and retrieve them.  Another order has been placed with the publisher, but O’Connor would not say how many were ordered or when they’d arrive in SoPo.

The book industry knew that Hillary’s book would be a big seller, so the publisher printed huge quantities.  But, O’Connor said  the big question here is how many editions did the publisher print in this first run. As we talked, his cell phone rang non-stop – asking if the book is in stock and when they could buy a copy of it.  O’Connor said that the store in SoPo has received “dozens” of calls today.  But he was short on answers on when customers can pick up copies of the bombshell.  He just doesn’t know.

Nevertheless, potential book buyers were hoping to get lucky and find a copy.   Noah Talmatch, owner of Timber, the steak house in the Old Port, said:  “I like a scary circus and this is it.  This is under the big top.”  “I want to get the inside scoop on what is really happening in the west wing of the White House,” said Gil Doughty, a Portland resident.  (See above right photo.)

“It’s been apparent for some time that Trump is mentally and tempermentally incompetent and therefore unfit for service,” said Bill Coogan, a  retired USM professor of political science.  Then he went looking for manager O’Connor to see if he could reserve one of those precious dozen copies of the bombshell book.

An employee of Longfellow Books, on Monument Way, Portland, said that as of early this morning the store had received over twenty-five telephone calls from customers inquiring about the availability of the book.  As of noon today, the Portland Public Library, Congress Street, had a waiting list of twenty-three people that began two days ago by readers wanting to read the explosive expose of the Trump White House.

Later in the day, Print:  A Bookstore, co-owner Josh Christie, said the bombshell book had already gone into multiple printings to meet the demand.  (It’s published by Henry Holt & Co. and is printed in Virginia.  The cost is $30.00.)  Print expects to receive it’s supply of the book on Friday, January 12, 2017.  In the meantime, Print is reserving copies of the book for individuals on its web page, or for those who stop in or call the bookstore.  207 – 536-4778.  Christie would not say how many copies he had ordered either.

“People are in a fury to read Fire & Fury,” said O’Connor at Books-A-Million.  “We will accommodate them as soon as we can.”