Body of Man Found off Long Wharf Yesterday Morning Identified


The body of a man found in the water off the west side of Long Wharf yesterday morning around 8:30 am has been identified as that of Paul J. Kirchnoff, 42, of Portland.

He was last seen just after midnight leaving Jay’s Oyster Bay on Portland Pier where he was with friends.  Paul was a fisherman from the greater Portland area and at the time of his death had no fixed address according to a press release issued by the Portland Police Department this afternoon.

His death came from drowning with no other sign of physical trauma.

Kirchnoff was 5’7″ tall and weighed about 135 lbs.  He was wearing a red Boston Red Six T-shirt and baggy jean overalls.  Please call the Portland Police Department at 207 – 874-8575 if you have any more information that might be helpful to the Department.