“Black Box” Retail Rentals Coming to the Hill for Spring Openings


“Black Box” Rental Units Rendering for 93 Washington Avenue, Corner of Marion Street and Washington Avenue on the Hill.  (Courtesy Jed T. Harris)

Businessman Jed T. Harris is one of the many around who is looking forward to the arrival of warmer weather to melt the mounds of snow that remain on the ground because better weather will permit Jed to pour the foundations and finish the site work already begun for the first of its kind shipping container building in the area.  Its work that Jed anticipates will be finished in early April.

Jed emailed this blogger last week that he had finally received all the permits required for this container building to be built and rented.  He has hired SnapSpaceSolutions, Brewer, to modify the containers as required.

The concept behind the container building is well-suited for start-up businesses who want to try out their equipment and sell their products before investing larger amounts of money in rent and equipment.  “It’s will be a simple surrounding to perform their work,” wrote Jed last week.

Specifically, there will be five retail containers across the front.   One container that is common to the front five will contain bathrooms and mechanical systems.  Each container is about 300 sq. ft. The containers will be fully insulated and have heat and air conditioning.  The interiors will be finished with sheetrock and nice flooring.

Rents will include all utilities. Leases will be available for short terms so if someone has an idea they want to try, they can open up.  If it works well, they’ll likely outgrow the space and can move into a larger space. He has signed no leases yet, but has interest from a cheese shop and a coffee bar.  The proposed Cheese Shop of Portland is owned by Mary and Will Sissle.

It is expected  that the opening date will be June 1, 2018.   Please call 207 370-5055 for more information.