“Bangor Daily News” Endorses Janet Mills for Governor, Criticizing “Crass” LePage


Governor Janet T. Mills (D), the First Woman Governor of Maine and Its First Woman AG at a Recent Televised Debate with Paul LePage (R).

The “Bangor Daily News” today endorsed Janet T, Mills (D) for another term as Maine’s governor.  The newspaper highlighted the Governor’s strong leadership to protect Maine people during the pandemic and her work to expand health care, improve education and strengthen the economy.

“Compared with the previous eight years, Mills has brought stability and respect back to the Blaine House during her tenure as Governor,” wrote the Editorial Board.  “As important as her demeanor, her policy priorities align well with Maine’s needs and opportunities for growth and prosperity for Maine people.  She should be elected for another term as Governor.”

The newspaper also scrutinized Paul LePage’s record and his campaign policies, noting that he has “reiterated many of the same policy ideas…that he failed to implement” during his time as governor.

“In LePage, Maine had a governor who made headlines for his crass – and often offensive – remarks and for his threats, to lawmakers, journalists and average citizens,” the Editorial Board continued.  “He refused to extend health insurance to thousands of low-income Maine workers, even after lawmakers and citizens voted to do so.  He refused to issue bonds to build senior citizen housing and to conserve land, even after lawmakers and citizens voted to do so.”

“This is not a style of governing that Maine should return to,” the Board concluded.

“When will the “Portland Press Herald” endorse Governor Janet T. Mills (D) for reelection?”  Why haven’t they done so yet?” asks this blogger, a/k/a munjoyhillnews.com. “What is this newspaper waiting for?  November 9th?”