Avesta Housing Holds Neighborhood Meeting on 5/7/14

134 Washington Avenue

134 Washington Avenue

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,773)

Avesta Housing is holding a neighborhood meeting on Wednesday, May 7th to discuss plans for the construction of 18 apartments at 134 Washington Avenue.  The meeting is to be held at Shailer School, 56 North Street on Munjoy Hill and begins at 5:30 pm.

Currently there is a residence at that location that appears to be vacant.  David Lloyd, ARCHETYPE, is the architect.

If you have any questions, please call Greg Payne at Avesta Housing at 207 553-7777, or gpayne@avestahousing.org  This meeting is required by the city to be held at least seven days prior to the Planning Board public hearing in the proposal.  Should you wish to offer additional comments on this proposed development, you may contact the Planning Division at 874-8721 or send written correspondence to the Planning and Urban Development Department or by email  to: bab@portlandmaine.gov