Art Exhibit to Improve Image of Graffiti & Benefit Camp Susan Curtis Yesterday on Monument Square


By Carol McCracken (Post # 591)

Yesterday’s art exhibit in Monument Square was an effort to change the public’s negative perception of grafitti as well as to help out young people according to business partners Carleton Dixon and Zack Broda.

Monument Square was ablaze all day yesterday with 10 colorful murals painted there with a winner chosen at the end of the day. Two of the murals will be chosen by Camp Susan Curtis and the other eight will be auctioned off at Bingas Wingas next month. The proceeds from the sale of all of the murals will be donated to the Camp.

“We wanted to find a way to help children and donating to this Camp seemed like a good way to do that,” said Dixon. The Camp is a tuition-free program to help low-income children find their way out of poverty to lead successful lives. “We also wanted to take the bad rap out of graffiti that it gets all the time,” he added. One of the artists said: “The reputation for our art is pretty tainted. It’s an art form. These artists invest a lot of time and money and passion into what they do.”

Dixon and Broda own “Spun” – an arts & apparel store on 543 Congress Street. 518-9720.