Another Brewery Coming to Washington Avenue?


A New Brewery Coming to 163 Washington Avenue?  The First Floor Would be the Brewery With a Residential Area Remaining on the Second Floor.

It could happen – that is if the  applicant gets his zoning map amendment change application approved sometime in the future.  In the meantime, a required neighborhood meeting has been scheduled for December10th at 6:00 pm via on-line via zoom platform.  For more information, please call 207 415-9933 or 774-7600,

Jeffrey Curran, d/b/a Newscapes, wants a change from a B-1 neighborhood business to a B-2b zoning that would facilitate the operation of a brewery and tasting area according to a memo to the planning board from Shukria Wier, city planner.  The first floor would be the brewery with the second floor remaining as a residential area.

The site consists of three parcels with a total area of 5,660 square footage.  There is a two-story building currently located on the eastern half of the site.  The rest of the site will be surface parking according to the same memo referred to previously.

No new development is requested with this rezoning applicant.  Patio space and picnic tables for patrons and a tasting area are anticipated on the property.  This requested zoning change allows a window range of uses rather than the B-1.  It includes brewery uses and drinking establishments but does so in a limited square footage capacity.

Neighbor and former developer and a recent city council candidate who finished in last place, Ron Gan, supports the map amendment.  In fact, Gan has requested that his property at 202 Washington Avenue be included in the rezoning.  Gan, across the street ,has been trying to sell his property for sometime now.  Perhaps this zoning approval would make his property more sellable on the real estate market.