Annual Scholarship Drive Named In Memory of Hill Resident, Jesse Lee Haynes

Left Rear, Stella Haynes Dalymple, Kathi Smith & Doug Alston, college beneficairy of fundraiser

Left Rear, Stella Haynes Dalymple, Kathi Smith & Doug Alston, college beneficairy of fundraiser

By Carol McCracken

The 4th annual scholarship fundraiser ended earlier today under a bright and hot sun.  The fundraiser sponsored by the AME Zion Church on the Hill held a yard sale at the corner of Congress Street and Sheridan Street; the proceeds of which will go to support the eleven  (11) church members who are currently in college.  The church has promised each student $500. for each semester they are in college.

There are several new twists to the fundraiser this year.  The first is that this is the first year it has been held at the AME Church parking lot on the Hill. (It’s located at the conrner of Congress Street and Sheridan Street.)  The other is that this year its devoted to the  memoy of Jesse Lee Haynes, a long-time resident of Merrill Street. He was extremely active in the life of the AME Church on Sheridan ‘Street.  He died last August 14th at the age of 88 – almost a year ago.  Mr. Haynes served in the Navy in the Korean conflict.  He worked at Saco Lowell, 20years at the Grand Trunk Railroad and retired in 1984 after working for 20 years at JJ Nissen Bakery.  According to his daughter, Stella Haynes Dalylmple, her father was a big “propoent of education for kids.”  Stella grew up on the Hill on Merrill Street.

One of the students benefiting from a series of fundraisers recently hosted by the AME Zion Church is Doug Alson.   Doug attends Guilford College in North Caroline where he’s on the basketball team.  In fact, Doug’s mother said:  “Guilford made it into the NCAA Final Four Tournament this year.  That’s where Doug is also a point-guard.  He did get some playing time in the tournament, although as a freshman, he had to defer to senior team members. He looks forward to more playing time as he becomes an upper classman.  Doug was a team captain at Chevrus High School, Portland.

Kathi Smith, one of the organizers of the scholarship drive said:  “It’s been a good day.  We don’t know yet how much money we’ve collected, but I think the good weather helped.  Every year we’ve been blessed by God with good weather.  This year was no exception.”