Mad LePage Shoves Blogger at State House in Augusta


An Angry Governor Shoved This Blogger after Yelling at Her to “Get Out of My Face,” Today at the State House in Augusta.

Bruce Gagnon, on his 32nd Day of Fasting in Support of no Tax Giveways for GD/BIW, in the Center of this Group Photo from Todays Press Conference. Lesley Manning is Second from The Left Above.

Tom Ryan, of Rangley, at Press Conference at State House This AM.  Ryan is a Disabled Vietnam Vet.

Russell Wray, at the Press Conference, Holds Up His Sign.

“Get out of my face,” yelled an angry Governor Paul LePage at this blogger today, although this blogger was not in his face. Just standing in a line with other members of the press and thus an easy target for this bully.  That remark was followed by a shove on the shoulder that caused this blogger to loose her balance, but it did not deter her from telling him. “Please keep your hands off me.” And a moment later   LePage stormed out of the State House toward the Blaine House for his lunch – it was around 12:30 pm.

A gaggle of press – print, television and radio personalities and photojournalists from Portland – had gathered across the hallway from his state house office – hoping to catch him as he left for lunch at the Blaine House across the street and get a comment on his latest controversy. The gaggle was trying to get his reaction on the Superior Court’s decision that he was overreaching in his effort to shut-down the Downeast Correctional Facility in Washington County. An irritated LePage  danced around the issue with members of the press  from MPR, NBC and ABC tv news and a reporter from “The Portland Press Herald.” LePage repeatedly told them he had not read the Court’s decision.  He said he’d been  told by the court -the decision was in the mail.  “I haven’t read it,” he insisted over and over to a press pushing him hard for a story for their news outlets. Suddenly, he whirled around – 180 degrees to confront this blogger and dumped his temper tantrum on my left shoulder!  Everyone scattered!  LePage being LePage.

At a late morning press conference on the third floor of the statehouse, Quaker Leslie Manning said:  “This bill is corporate welfare.  General Dynamics does not need our tax money.  Manning, one of the speakers at the press conference. Mark Ronan, (See above right photo, R, in Blue)  “I am against a tax break – a BIW deal for $45 M to handle a cash flow problem.  Before the Tax Committee, it refused  to disclose its financial cash flow situation.  I look around and see all the unmet needs here.”

Tom Ryan said:  ” I joined the service to make this country better.  Our taxes need to go for human welfare – not for corporate welfare. I will continue to fast until this is over.” He’s been fasting for eleven (11) days.

Bruce Gagnon, who has fasted for 32 days in support of no tax credits for General Dynamics, owner of Bath Iron Works, said he is weak, but doing alright. He has several friends with medical backgrounds who check on him frequently.

The 5th largest manufacturer of defense weapons in the country, asked for a $60 M tax credit.   Recently, the Taxation Committee voted overwhelmingly to support a $45 M tax credit.  The vote from the entire  legislature has not yet been scheduled, but could take place within a week or so.  Gagnon challenged the media across Maine to report to voters the incremental decreases and to keep up their pressure on legislators to vote against any tax giveaway to GD/BIW.

Attorney General Janet Mills said that she was pleased with the ruling of the Superior Court accusing LePage of overreaching  to stop funding the Downeast Correction Facility in Washington County in a press release issued today. “We have argued that the action of the administration in closing the facility violated the separation of powers provision of our state constitution,” said AG Janet Mills.  “This would be an appropriate time for the executive branch and members of the legislature to determine both the short term and the long-term future of the Downeast Correctional Facility.”  AG Mills is running for Governor to replace LePage in November 2018.

(note:  3/16/18 Thank you for the many kind remarks I’ve received about my exchange with Governor Paul LePage yesterday at the Statehouse.  First, I was at the State house to cover another matter on the third floor at 11:00 am. I heard there was a buffet lunch on the second floor near the Governor’s office. The servers there told me it was open to the public.  I was not there to interview the Governor.  I decided to stand with the other members of the press only to try to get a photo of him AND to listen to what he had to say about the Court’s disagreement with his effort to shut-down the Downeast Correctional Facility.  Clearly, he was angry about that Court ruling.   I never asked him any questions, because I was unfamiliar with the subject – closing the Downeast Correctional Facility.  It was lunch time (12:15 – 12:30 pm) and I was partaking of the  buffet that had been set out for public consumption close to the Governor’s office by a credit union).

Please see previous post herein on the General Dynamics/BIW Tax Giveaway dated March 12, 2018.

11 thoughts on “Mad LePage Shoves Blogger at State House in Augusta

  1. You should file an assault charge. He is not allowed to get physical. You should have fallen, and claimed injury.

  2. Jealous, Stephen D? Have you considered professional help for your vile, out-of-control anger? Your comments were so foul that they won’t be republished here. Do yourself a favor, please. Carol

  3. Where is your sense of humor, J. Evans? Thank you for your concern, but I don’t share it. There are some very serious issues before our country at a national level and I hope you are as concerned about them as well as you are about my open mouth! By the way, the video segment was only 20 seconds long whereas the “scrum” lasted much, much longer. So, of course, much of what was said between LePage and myself was not seen in the video. Had you considered that?

  4. Because I respect some of what you say I will respond, it definitely felt like a shove to me. A woman in the middle of a gaggle of men and the Governor who does not have a good reputation with the press or in general? I really felt a little afraid under the circumstances. I wasn’t intending to “reach” – it’s how it all came down for me. My blog is ten years old – it will be ten on June 27 2018. This is really the worst thing I’ve been accused of in that ten years. I don’t expect a man to be able to understand my feelings because a man has not walked in my shoes and my life experiences. Not really all that bad is it for just a “blogger?” I know of professional reporters accused of a lot worse than “chomping” and reaching. I do not advocate for “chomping”, but that’s the worst I’ve ever been accused of…now back to the real problems in this country – the firing of Andrew McCabe and the Stormy Daniels story in tonight’s news…that’s stuff to be concerned about….maybe you disagree with where my concerns are placed these days…..Carol

  5. I was well brought up by my family. I do not advocate eating with my mouth open. That’s not what my parents taught me to do. Please forgive me that horrible sin! You may not agree but I do think there are much more serious issues at a national level to be concerned about tonight – like the firing of Andrew McCabe and the new developments in the Stormy Daniels situation. My blog will be ten years old later this year. “Chomping” is the worst thing I’ve been accused of in those ten years – and I’ll just bet maybe you have done something that horrible in your life in the last ten years as well! Chomping is not illegal! Carol

  6. Ron, unfortunately, editing of the video by someone, I assume LePage’s office, did make the two versions look different. The released video certainly was not intended to make me look good.

  7. HAHAHAHA Carol and crew will not let dissenting comments be published!!!!

    So much for free speech you fascists.

    • Actually I did. The video did not show the entire “food fight.” The video was of only 20 seconds of a much, much longer incident. Naturally, under those circumstances, much of what LePage said and did was not covered in that 20 seconds. Carol

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