Memorial Day Observation Inside AmVets Post Rather Than Loring Memorial Park on the Hill


Mathew Keating is the Newly Elected Commander of the AmVets Charles Looring Post 25 186 Washington Avenue.  He’s Been a Member for About 30 Yeas.  He was in the Army based at Ft. Carson, Colorodo and Served Overseas.

Major Charles J Loring Jr, for Whom the Loring Memorial Circle is Named. and the AmVet Post # 25 on Washington Avenue.  The Major was Taken Prisoner in Germany and Vowed That Would not Happen to Him  Again,   It didn’t.

Members of Post # 25 at the Indoor Observation of Memorial Day at the Amvet Charles Loring Post Today..

The annual Memorial Day observation was held inside at the AmVets Charles J. Loring, Jr. Post 25 today rather than outside at the Loring Memorial Park on Munjoy Hill  because of the intermittent rain that fell in the area today – Memorial Day.

The Charles Loring Memorial Park, 24 years old, located at the corner of the Eastern Promenade and North Street, was formerly known as CB circle – and a place that was used as a dumpster for many.  Paul Loring, the youngest brother of Charles. and his family were instrumental in converting the circle into the Memorial Park that it is today.  Funding for the plants is provided by Post 25 and the Loring family maintains the Park..

The Commander said this is a “great post because everyone sticks together.”  In his address to the assembled, he said that today is a day that many Americans have off.  He recalled that back in 1971, President Nixon declared Memorial Day as the last Monday in May to pay respects to those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  Some hold parades or memorial services.  It’s a day for families and a day of reflection and  for others its the beginning of summer.  Let’s pray that everyone will be okay,” Commander Keating said.  A buffet lunch was served following the observation.

The Post has recently undergone a staffing change with Larry Bowie becoming the volunteer manager/bar tender.  He replaces Lynn Edwards, long-time manager. A new sign that will be installed on the outside of the Post next week was unveiled today.

Paul Loring, 92, youngest brother of Major Charles J. Loring, Jr., and members of Paul’s large famlly, were present at today’s Memorial Day observation at the AmVet Charles Loring Post 25, 186 Washington Street, on the east end of Portland.

Major Loring was born in 1918 and was raised in the Bayside neighborhood of Portland.   His father was involved in politics and was once the Mayor of Portland.  The Major  served as an Army fighter pilot in WW 2 and as an Air Force fighter pilot in the Korean conflict.  He was taken prisoner during WW 2 in Germany.  He vowed that would never happen again.  Rather than be taken prisoner in the Korean conflict, during a bombing mission over North Korea, he flew into an enemy nest that he did not survive.  He died on November 22, 1952.  He left behind his wife and two young daughters.

The former Loring Air Force Base, named for Charles J. Loring, Jr., was originally called the Llmestone Army Air Field.  It was built in 1947 and was one of the largest bases of the US Air Force Stragegic Air Command during its existence.  Following the suicide bombing mission by the Major, Limestone was renamed in his memory. Loring was a Medal of Honor receipient during the Korean conflict.  A portrait of him hangs in the State of Maine room at Portland’s city hall.

For more background information, please visit posts herein dated May 10, 2020, May 31, 2021 and May 30, 2022.

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