Ali vs. Portland Lawsuit Dismissed


Portland’s Police Chief at his Induction last September 2019.

The city of Portland is pleased to announce that a stipulation of dismissal with prejudice was filed on December 1, 2020 in US District Court in Portland in the matter of Ali v City of Portland and other defendants, which ended the litigation.  The suit had alleged excessive force by a Portland police officer in 2014.

After considering information shared by the city’s outside counsel, John J. Wall of Monaghan Leahy, the plaintiff decided to drop her lawsuit.  The city agreed to dismissal with prejudice and without costs or fees.  There was no settlement.

The matter was investigated by the Department Internal Affairs Division in 2014, at which time the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing,” said Chief Frank Clark.  “I reviewed that investigation earlier this year, to include video and audio evidence and concurred with the original findings.  The evidence simply did not support the allegation that the officer choked or otherwise used excessive force against anyone.  This is a just outcome to this matter and I’m glad to have it concluded.”

For more background information on this, please visit post dated August 26, 2020 herein.