AG’s Office Warns of Spiking IRS Phone Scam; Westbrook Man Receives Calls

Dan Cipriano, Who Has Received Two Phone Call Scams Since Yesterda.

Dan Cipriano, Who Has Received Two Phone Call Scams Since Yesterday.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,566)

“I got a call yesterday morning.  A woman said she was with the IRS and the IRS was going to sue me if I didn’t call an 1 800 number that she gave me.  Someone at that number would tell me the story – why I was being sued,” said Dan Cipriano, of Westbrook, who retired recently. That call came about 11:30 am.

Then this morning he received the exact same call.  This time he didn’t answer it.  Just let the answering machine record it.  But he did jot down the phone number and called it.  There was no answer on that end Cipriano said.  The number he called is: 206 488 – 7550.  “I was so surprised at receiving two calls, not just one,” Cipriano said this afternoon.

The attorney’s general office warned the public on several occasions of a phone scam that has been detected.   Tim Feeley, special assistant to Maine’s attorney general, Janet Mills, said yesterday that “calls have spiked in the last day or so in Maine.”  If you get one of these calls, just hang up cautioned Feeley.

Cipriano called the Westbrook Police Department to report his two calls.  The Department said they had received about 100 calls from Westbrook reporting similar calls.  Cipriano was advised to hang up as well.