49 St. Lawrence Street Owner Proceeds with Changes to Building, But Offers no Relocation Plan for Displaced Tenants


49 St. Lawrence Street to Undergo Renovations, But Offers No Relocation Plans for Displaced Renters.

On behalf of the owner of 49 St. Lawrence Street on Munjoy Hill, several parties including Shinburg Consulting have submitted plans to the city for changes to the centuries old building and the city’s approval. The letter dated February 18, 2020, states that plans call for the construction of an additional unit – for a total of four units.  The building will be owner occupied.

Built in 1858, the floor plan is outdated and requires extensive renovation.  Three units will have two-bedroom units.  The new garden level unit will include one bedroom.  The facade of the building will be returned to clapboard and the bay window will be restored to a resemblance of the past as it originally appeared.  The building height will not be increased.

Unfortunately, lacking from the February 18, 2020 letter are relocation plans for  tenants in good standing who have been or will be displaced by this extensive renovation. Compensation such as moving expenses, first month’s rent for a new apartment, utility installations, etc. should become a part of the city’s requirement for approval of projects like this.  Also, tenants should receive at least 90 days notice to vacate the property.

One more shame on the city of Portland for its failure to represent all its residents rather than just a select few.