Mills Approves Distribution of Grant Awards to Municipalities in Maine


“Black Lives Matter” on a Fence at the Maine Jewish Museum, Congress Street. Similar Signs are Visible All Over Munjoy HIll.

Governor Mills announced today that her Administration has approved almost $9 million in grant wards to nearly 100 municipalities across the state under the Keep Maine Healthy Plan to support local COVID-19 public health, education and prevention efforts.  Following the announcement of the Keep Maine Healthy Plan earlier this month, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services approved COVID-19 Prevention and Protection Plans submitted by 96 municipalities.  Today, the Department began notifying municipalities of their awards.  The federal funding is expected to be distributed on a reimbursement basis as communities implement these programs.

“Towns and cities across Maine are on the frontlines of responding to COVID-19 and are well positioned to protect their residents and visitors alike,” said Governor Mills.  “Maine continues to have relatively low case counts, which is a product of our collective efforts, but as we  reopen the vast majority of our economy, as more people interact, and we more visitors arrive from out-of-state, the likelihood of the virus spreading also increases.  These awards are a deliberate effort to help mitigate that damage by helping municipalities implement measures that will protect the health of both residents and visitors alike.”

“We look forward to this partnership with cities and towns,” said Department of Health & Human Services Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew.  “Continued commitment to physical distancing, face coverings and hand hygiene will keep residents and visitors safe this summer and fall.”

The awards come at a time when Maine, adjusted for population, ranks 7th lowest in the nation for positive cases; 9th lowest in the nation in terms of deaths; 6th lowest in terms of patients ever hospitalized out of the 36 states reporting; and 5th highest in the percentage of people who have recovered out of 42 states reporting. comment:   Where is the Republican Press Herald on this?  Why isn’t it reporting this?  The Republican pr firm for the re-election of Senator Susan Collins (R) is more interested in trying desperately to salvage what is left of her campaign – by making headlines Newsday style where they aren’t justified. Cheap journalism!