Governor Mills Applauds Biden Administration Announcement on Increased Vaccine Doses


President Joseph Biden Delivers His Inaugurational Address on January 20, 2021.

Governor Mills issued the following statement in response to President Biden’s commitment to increase the number of COVID-19 vaccines distributed to states over the coming weeks.

“Maine is distributing vaccines as quickly and as efficiently as possible, but to date, we have received a limited and inconsistent supply of vaccines from the Federal government which has constrained dour ability to vaccinate people.  Like many of my fellow governors, I was encouraged to hear the Biden  Administration pledge that states will receive a greater allotment of vaccine doses in the coming weeks, allowing us to get more shots into the arms of Maine people.  We will distribute this increased allotment expediently in line with our vaccination strategy, focusing right now on those over 70 years who are more likely to suffer and die if they contract COVID-19.”

Governor Mills today participated in a call hosted by the National Governor’s Association in which the Biden Administration indicated that vaccine allocations will increase by 16% beginning next week for a minimum of three (3) weeks.  Last week, Maine received 17,575 doses of COVID-19 vaccine from the Federal government, 975 fewer doses than the week before.  An increase of 16% would result in approximately 20,374 first doses per week each week (weeks of 2/1, 2/8, and 2/15) to the State of Maine. The State of Maine is grateful for the Biden Administration efforts to increase production and distribution of these lifesaving vaccines.”

Late this afternoon President Biden addressed the nation on television and told the nation that he has signed an agreement with two vaccine makers that will allow everyone to be immunized by this summer.  Specifically, President Biden said he has ordered an additional 200 doses to be delivered by this summer.  That is 100 doses from Pfizer and 100 million from Moderna.