Don’t Vote for ‘Poor Jon’ Jennings in Next Month’s Mayoral Race!


City Manager Jon Jennings.. He’s Not on the November Ballot, But he is on the Ballot!

The  Editor of the Editorial Page of the REPUBLICAN PRESS HERALD Shopping on Munjoy Hill Where He Lives; No Response For Why There Have Been no Editorials Calling for Renters’ Protections During Gentrification and Beyond.

Councilor Jill Duson, Hardworking Chair of the “Anti- Housing Housing Committee” – so Renamed by George Reault Recently – Takes a Break From Her  Exhausting Responsibilities.

Alarminginly missing from the agenda and thus positions of the candidates at a mayoral forum earlier this month, was the issue of renters’ protections in the city of Portland.

The remaining renters left in the city are fleeing like the Kurds who have no protections from our government.  And that isn’t about to change with the candidacy of the  brash Spencer Thibodeau, who is the puppet of Poor Jon,as mayor and city manager, Poor Jon, running the show.  After all, Jennings’  background is as a wanna’ be developer at Thompson’s Point with his former business partner, Chris Thompson.  He said it didn’t work for him;  he bailed.

Councilor Jill Duson, a friend of Tom Watson, of Port Property, is the “anti-housing housing committee”, chair leading the flight of the Kurds from their Portland homeland.  We homeowners  are better than renters  appears to be the Duson Policy for Renters.

Renter after renter in Portland  that this blogger has spoken with for years feels betrayed – by Portland officials.  Where is the “Republican Press Herald,” the daily newspaper on renters protections?  (And no, I’m not referring to rent control). This blogger has no memory of the editorial page editor ever calling for protections for  renters in Portland.  City officials like councilors Ray, Cook, Costa,  Mavodones  and Thibodeau have no intentions of representing all  people in Portland – just a select few with limited outlooks on life.

Rather, Duson has wiped her hands clean of renters’ protections that would annoy Watson and others by finally establishing a Rental Housing Advisory Committee.  Having served on a similar Board in another city, this Committee has such limited authority to deal with the real issues confronting renters in Portland – it’s a Halloween joke of which renters are the victims. The volunteer Committee meets on Monday, October 28th in Room 24 between 5:30 pm – 7:30 at city hall  – just before Halloween.

This blogger attended the mayoral forum earlier this month at the Portland Public Library hosted by the “League of Women Voters of Maine in the Portland area.”  It was the same old tired issues – spit up and digested in another  form..  New ideas not welcome in Portland!  Only the status quo acceptable here!  That is really Portland’s policy.

Unite Portland a website supported by the real estate industry claims that the next mayor of Portland needs to get along with Poor Jon, city manager.  What?  That is the only criteria for the next mayor?   On October 9, 2019, this blogger queried Dory Waxman, the spokesperson for Unite Portland asking why are developers so opposed to Mayor Strimling; no response. Next this blogger queried her soon to be former landlord Justin Alfond with the same question:  What has Strimling done to create such an angry backlash against him;  no response.

Poor Jon does not get along with people he doesn’t want to – just ask this blogger!   He ignores those he doesn’t want to get along with. Then Poor Jon plays the Trump blame game card.  They can’t get along with me – poor me.

I know. Been there.  Done that. That criteria for the next mayor of Portland is a transparent endorsement of city councilor and real estate attorney, Spencer Thibodeau. In other words, a vote for the arrogant Thibodeau is support for Poor Jon and his lack of policy diversity in Portland and the extension of the status quo for renters able to afford to live in Portland.  Throw up time!

Loyalty to Poor Jon matters – is this like loyalty to  Donald Trump matters?  We know how that is working.