Cat Owners Concerned About Some Canned Food Shortages


Chris Parker, Owner of Pet Pantry, in Freeport, at His Store This Afternoon.

Some Shelves in Local Grocery Stores are Empty of Fancy Feast Cat Food.

The Pet Pantry, 177 Lower Main Street, Freeport.  Email:

“My Name is Mr. Boo and I’m Sixteen Years Old.  I Live on Munjoy Hill.  I Eat Only Fancy Feast’s Chicken Pate and  it’s Hard to Find These Days.  I Turn my Nose Up at Anything Else and Walk Away From my Dish.  What’s my Owner to Do?”  Meeoow!

Do you remember the toilet paper shortage?  How can you forget – right?

It was the butt of so much  publicity for so many obvious reasons.  But eventually the shortage got corrected. The supplies are back to normal.

Cat owners are likewise seeing a shortage of some canned cat food – a situation that has dragged on for many months now  with no end to the shortage in sight. The shortage is of concern to this blogger who is the owner of the 16 year old Mr. Boo – a fussy eater.

One store manager said the lack of canned cat food was due to the pandemic, but offered no more information.

Another store manager from the same chain said vendors are not telling them what the problem is.  But canned cat food is only one of the numerous items that have been in short supply in recent months.  One said:  “Our warehouse is empty of Fancy Feast.”  Really?  Tell Mr. Boo that!

Another store manager said it had something to do with the recycling of cans not being up to speed. was getting closer to the truth with each stop for sure.

But tired of going from supermarket to supermarket in southern Maine looking for Mr. Boo’s Fancy Feast Chicken Pate and an answer to why it’s so scarce,  this blogger went to the expert in the field: Chris Parker, Owner of Pet Pantry, Freeport.

Some canned cat food is in short supply Mr. Parker agreed.  That’s for two reasons. One is that an aluminum can manufacturing company in the mid-west shut down recently in order to move to a new factory.  He could not recall the name of the company, however.

The second reason is that aluminum cans are in high demand these days. There is a shortage of them  because consumers are not frequenting bars or restaurants during the pandemic. Rather, consumers are buying canned beer and canned food  for home consumption. That has put a strain on the supply of cans.  One popular soda manufacturer has stopped selling less popular lines because of the demand on cans.

In the meantime, the Pet Pantry has wet cat food available in containers that are not canned. Mr. Parker said that his wet cat food is of very high quality – higher than is found in local supermarkets. And, they are readily available despite the shortage of cans. The quality of the meat is better and the content has less grain – an ingredient cats don’t need as dogs do.  Email:  Or: 207 865-6484.

“When we get a new supply of “Fancy Feast” in stock, it goes very quickly,” a WalMart employee told this blogger recently.  This blogger was fortunate to find a Mother Lode of Fancy Feast Chicken Pate there which was gleefully hoarded.