Collins & Colleagues Fear Trump’s Truth!


Senator  No-Show Collins’ Empty Chair at Rally at Portland Public Library Last Year Hosted by 16 Counties Coalition.  SRO Crowd Asked Questions of an Empty Chair Because Collins Was Hiding in Washington, D.C.

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By Mainers for Accountable Leadership

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). released a resolution yesterday with proposed rules for the Senate impeachment trial that begins today at 1:00 pm. Most notably, the resolution shortens the allotted time for opening arguments, denies guaranteed additional witnesses, and fails to admit the House record into evidence at the trial.  Today, Senators vote on the resolution and offer up amendments according to a statement issued by Mainers for Accountable Leadership this morning.

Mainers call on Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) to support Senate impeachment rules that guarantee a fair trial of the 45th President, Donald J. Trump.   The overwhelming number of Americans want a fair trial as well. “No-Show Collins” is the least popular Senator in the US – next to Senate Leader McConnell (R-Ky).   What company she keeps!

Her decision on a fair trial will be another “nail in her political coffin.”  Although No-Show still brands herself a moderate,  Mainers know better.  Her support of the Trump tax plan, her support of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, her sneaking around on MD Island collecting huge sums of money from Trump supporters for her November re-election is the very short list of why she has become the most unpopular Senator.  Back in 1996, her first term in office, No-Show pledged not to run for more than two terms.  Time’s up – time to go, No-more!

Collins and her Republican colleagues fear Trump’s truth.  But all Americans  deserve to know just how crooked Trump is – whether Collins and her Republican colleagues like it or not.

“But it is far from clear she (Collins) can win over voters who are still angry about the Supreme Court vote.  And she will be running for re-election against several opponents in November, including Sara Gideon, the Democratic speaker of the House,” wrote Jennifer Steinhauer, in a January 19, 2020 front page article in THE NEW YORK TIMES.  The pointed article emphasized the tightrope act Collins is performing in the impeachment trial – trying to please everyone – readers know how that turns out.

Even with the unconditional support of the local, daily, THE REPUBLICAN PRESS HERALD, Collins’ future political career is in doubt.  She’s already begun lobbing some Hail Marys for home consumption during the Senate trial.  Fortunately, Mainers know better.  She is a chameleon to her core.