“We Are Maine” Rally, Set for Thursday, May 21st in Portland


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,299)

“We Are Maine,” a rally has been set for Thursday;, May 21st in Portland.  It’s purpose is to stand together against proposals that would leave Mainers without food and shelter.  The event starts with a march from Lincoln Park at 5:30 pm to a rally in Monument Square at 6:00 pm.  Maine Women’s Lobby, Augusta,  is the rally organizer with numerous other organizations are serving as sponsors.

Legislators will soon take up proposals to cut General Assistance for asylum seekers and other immigrants.  For many immigrants who have come to Maine to find  safety and escape persecution, General Assistance is the only lifeline they receive while they navigate a broken immigration system and wait for permission to work.  Cutting General Assistance and other vital programs will force Maine families to go without food or shelter.

Lies and scare tactics directed toward immigrants are the driving force behind policies that hurt everyone:  families, women, workers, teachers, students, people with low incomes and many others.

Hundreds of Mainers will come together – Thursday, May 21st – stand against divisive policies and rhetoric that hurt our neighbors.  Buses are coming from the Lewiston/Auburn area.