Waterfront Hampton Inn Portland Opening on Friday; Grand Opening in Fall


Bedroom at New Hampton Inn

Front Desk in Lobby of New Hampton Inn By Carol McCracken (Post # 849)

From the carport at 209 Fore Street, to the compact but upscale lobby, in-door pool and rooms upstairs, its clear that the new Hampton Inn is no ordinary Hampton Inn. It’s been designed and built to garner high room rates from its customers – built to take advantage of the nearby Ocean Gateway and the activities that facility generates – such as the annual Harvest on the Harbor coming in October.

The 122-room, six story Inn is located on the site of the former Jordan’s Meats – which once was a large employer in the area. In 2005, the company was shut down and the property remained vacant for a few years. Plans to build a Westin Hotel and luxury condos never went forward even though the city approved the plans. Old Port Hospitality then stepped in and bought the property. Last May during the demoliltion, a three-alarm fire broke out at the plant. Billows of smoke could be seen all over the Portland peninsula and the fire attracted spectators from all over the area. No one was injured.

The building was constructed by Opechee Construction Corp., New Hampshire, and is owned by Mark Woglom and Greg Kirsch. The company has built 30 hotels in New England since 2000.

For more information please call (207) 775-1454 or visit www.hamptoninnportland.com