USM Veterans’ Student Organization Hosts Thanksgiving Dinner; Today


Eric Colgan, Jessy Timper and Marshall Archer.

By Carol McCracken (Post # 631)

Over 100 people bought tickets for the first annual Thanksgiving Dinner put on by the Veterans’ Student Organization at USM, here in Portland. The fundraiser was scheduled to last from 11 am until 3 pm. and tickets were $5. each.

“We went through dinner quickly. Everyone likes Thanksgiving Dinner,” said Eric Colgan, president of Veterans’ Student Organization. It was Thanksgiving Dinner with all of the trimmings and it was ordered from USM’s food supply service. The three organizers of the Dinner planned for 100 diners and sold out just two hours into the dinner. By 1 pm, all the food was gone.

Jessy Timper, secretary of the organization, said the non-profit provides a variety of services to veterans’ who are students at USM. It helps and supports student veterans by telling them of educational opportunitites available to them and informs them of benefits that are available as well.

Marshall Archer, who is on the student senate and is clerk was the third organizer for the Dinner. Archer is a Marine who did two tours of duty in Iraq. He plans to go to graduate school at USM for social work.
Although he’s a senior who graduates in the spring, he said he’d come back and help out with this fundraiser since it’s such an important one for vets. “We appreciate the support of our school, deans and of the student body and faculty in making this very successful,” he said.