Mills Principal at US Climate Alliance Announcement of Commitments to Decarbonize Buildings Across America


Governor Janet T. Mills (D) at the  Grand Opening of the New MaineLaw Building in Portland.

The US Climate Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of 25 governors representing approximately 60% of the US economy and 55% of the US population, today announced a series of new commitments from its members to eliminate emissions from buildings, including collectively guadrupling heat pump installations by the end of the decade.

As part of the Alliance’s new heat pump target, members agreed to collectively reach 20 million heat pump installations across the coalition by 2030 with the aim of ensuring at least 40% of benefits flow to disadvantaged communities.  These installatios will advance progress toward Alliance members’ goal of decarbonizing buildings, including collectively achieving zero-emission new construction as soon as practicable and accelerating efforts to eliminate emissions from existing buildings at a pace consistent with emissions targets under the Paris Agreemet.

Today’s commitments were annouonced at a Climate Week New York City event featuring Alliance co-chair and founding member Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Alliance co-chair Maine Governor Janet T. Mills, Alliance co-chair elect New York Governor Kathy H ochul and White House National Chair Advisor Ali Zaidi.

“Transitioning to heat pumps in Maine is creating good-paying jobs, curbing our carbon emissions, cutting costs for families and making people more comfortable in their homes” said Governor Mills, who recently announced a new heat pump deployment goal for Maine.  “When I took office in 2018, I set a goal of installing 100,000 heat pumps in Maine by 2025.  After reaching that goal two years ahead of schedule, we are ow on our way to achieving our new target of 275,000 heat pumps by the time I leave office in 2027.  Maine is meeting our climate action goals and we’re proud to lead the way as part of the US Climate Action to encourage other states to do the same.”